12:00 PM Culture Vultures: Community Stepping Stones
12:30 PM Money & Life
2:00 PM Hillsborough County Aging Services Alzheimer's: 36 Hour Day
3:00 PM Just Coolin: Toots Theilman
4:00 PM National Gallery of Art: Vermeer – Master of Light
5:00 PM The Apple Pushers
6:30 PM Cultures of Resistance
8:00 PM Healing Justice
9:30 PM Dispatches from Cleveland
11:00 PM Democracy Now!

12:00 AM Edge of Each Other's Battles: The Vision of Audre Lorde
1:00 AM Community Bulletin Board
9:00 AM The Road to Recovery: Behavioral Health for Americans with Disabilities
10:00 AM Highwaymen Art
10:30 AM Monica Naugle – Sculptor
11:00 AM Thaddeus Hogarth Live at Bose II
12:30 PM The Poisoned Cup
1:00 PM Living Green
1:30 PM Grilldog: Jerk'n Around
2:00 PM Don't Dis My Ability
3:30 PM Sharing Miracles: At Home Helping People
4:00 PM NASA Connect: Ancient Observations

4:30 PM Resource Rangers: Recycle
5:00 PM Afghanistan: A Strategy of Commitment
5:30 PM The Garden
7:00 PM Frog Princes
8:00 PM The Closure Myth
8:44 PM A Memoir to My Former Self
9:00 PM Women in the Night
10:32 PM The Road to Recovery: Together We Learn, Together We Heal
11:00 PM Democracy Now!

12:00 AM The Intolerable Burden
1:00 AM Community Bulletin Board
9:00 AM Sci-Fi Journal: December Journal
10:00 AM Happy and Healthy: Eating Right
10:30 AM Gee's Bend Quilts
11:00 AM Athena Society: The Culture Connection Workshop
12:00 PM Cuatro Music
12:32 PM ACLU Freedom Files: Dissent
1:00 PM Outreach Presents the Oscars: Oscar Winner – Anthony Molinara
1:31 PM Bre and Christina: A Healing Journey
2:00 PM Wine Inside Out
2:30 PM Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Como manejar la tensión y el trauma
3:00 PM Advanced Class Production: A.C.A.B.

3:31 PM Florida's Water…Wealth for Our Future
4:00 PM Dance Today in Maine: Carol Dilley
4:30 PM Cooking and Kids: Green Power Salad
5:00 PM Portraits: The First Black American Divas of Song and Opera
6:00 PM Tampa Bay Insiders: Tom Scott
6:30 PM Link TV: Outside the Box
7:01 PM Ask Dog Lady
7:30 PM Spotlight on Government: Hillsborough County Schools
8:00 PM TBCN Sports Talk: Oscar Gonzalez
8:30 PM Life's a Twitch
9:00 PM Wish Me Away
10:36 PM In the Name of Rose
10:56 PM Seance
11:00 PM Democracy Now!

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